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Our philosophy

The accounting and labor consulting business ORPED was established 30 years ago in Verona, on the initiative of three founding members: Giorgio Andreoli, Labor Consultant; Luciano Maraja, Accounting Analyst and Giancarlo Zecchinato, Accountant. It currently operates in Verona city and province. 

In 2016 the Labor Consultant Giovanni Agresta joins ORPED as a fourth founding member, introducing technological innovations to the accounting firm, which were essential to the development and improvement of the business management services. 

With two offices, one in Verona and one in Domegliara, ORPED provides qualified professional services to medium and small businesses, corporate groups and individuals, in different areas including management consulting, financial accounting and strategy consulting in employment law (such as payslip management, employment contract or occupational safety issues).

Aware that the passage of time – especially in recent years deeply affected by an "economic revolution" – has profoundly changed people, companies and traders, our consulting service has focused on all entrepreneur’s activities, including all administrative and economic issues, in order to assist in the business management through highly qualified and customized professional services.

The introduction of innovative technologies has become an incisive tool to make modern consulting firms, like ORPED, extremely competitive. It was crucial, in that sense, the partnership with leading software houses, that allowed ORPED’s financial advisor specialists to remotely connect customers – through a dedicated business management software – with the firm’s headquarters, in a simultaneous and direct fashion. Online accounting today allows ORPED to assist entrepreneurs in real time, providing support in daily management accounting, online payslip and financial planning, through complete and permanent business consulting services.
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ORPED services are provided by a team of accountant and labor consultant professionals, registered under the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Order and Verona’s Business Consultant Order.

The firm strongly believes that an accurate human resources management is the key to an outstanding professional service, which leads ORPED to continuously invest in its team training and business engagement activities.

Names of professionals and their functions:

We provide professional business management services, offering personalized and dedicated solutions to entrepreneurs, convinced that our close relationship with our customers is the distinguish element that leads to our continuous progress.

We believe that our future and the future of our customers are indissolubly linked, therefore we trust that a joint investment in resources both repays our services and our clients activities. 


The "ENTERPRISE" area of our consulting services is devoted to a whole series of activities, aimed mainly at financial advice, that allow a comprehensive customer support, including accounting, business management, tax and financial planning and strategic management.

Starting from the first phase of the accounting data processing and preparation of the relative statements, the aim of our labor and management consulting firm is to use financial statements in a new perspective for formulating financial, commercial and tax analysis, together with an accurate business costs management; such activities are essential for a strategic management of our clients’ businesses, and the key of our professional business consultant services, especially given the current critical economic environment in which companies are forced to work as a result of the global crisis.

  • CEE Statement
  • Analytical statement and balance sheet
  • Unico Model
  • VAT statement
  • F24
  • Certifications
  • Various communications


The “LABOR” area of our consulting group is aimed to give employment law advice through a dedicated team of labor consultant and business management professionals. 

In addition to daily personnel management activities, such as payslip view and calculation, social security obligations, financial accounting and employment contract advice, our professional team deals with industrial and labor relations, employment disputes and company crisis management, by making use of social safety net programs currently provided by the law.

  • Employee documents 
  • Company documents


PRIVATE AREA includes preparation of tax statements, social security and inheritance practices, and personal counseling.

  • 730 Model
  • Unico Model
  • F24
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